Clovely Estate

Clovely Estate’s roots are in the South Burnett and our heart is in bringing people closer through outstanding artisan wine and food.

Clovely Estate’s vineyards and olive groves are on land that has been in the family for more than a century. This is a place where we love to be and where our enthusiastic small team come together to plant, to grow, to nurture, to imagine, to harvest, to press, to bottle… and always to create something that captures the unique flavour of our region.

From the planting of our first vineyards in 1997, our vision was to work with the local climate and terroir to produce a small quantity of exceptional wine.

Clovely Estate wines not only rank amongst Australia’s best but are now being exported to Asian countries that are discovering a taste for boutique wines.

2 Steinhardts Rd,
Moffatdale, Qld, 4605

OPEN 10.00AM TO 4.00PM