Barambah Cellars

Barambah Cellars is now the home of Nuova Scuola Wines who, after working hard to develop their brand by purchasing the best quality local grapes they could get their hands on, have now purchased the property on Tipperary road and continue produce an extensive range of outstanding quality wines from the beautiful South Burnett Wine Region.

At Barambah Cellars we offer a unique wine tasting experience where you will meet the people who grow and make these exceptional wines; Sarah and Stefano, who collectively have more than 30 years wine industry experience in the vineyard and in winemaking, and will happily share with you their knowledge and passion about food and wine from the South Burnett.

We also believe in the ‘paddock to plate’ / “locavore’ philosophy and use as much local produce as we can get our hands on for our delicious share plates. Our aim is not only to support the wonderful producers in our local community, but also to source the highest quality produce available.

B&B Accommodation is also available onsite and can be booked through the Nuova Scuola Wines website.  You can find a link on their page on this site.

167 Tipperary Rd
Moffatdale Qld 4605

Open Hours
Thurs – Sunday
10.30am to 4.30pm

Lunch Available 11am to 3pm

Ph: 0487 406 451

Facebook: @barambahcellars

Instagram: @barambahcellars